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    Van Eck's David Schassler focuses on multialternative strategies for his clients and says any alternative allocation lower than 10% enters into 'why bother?' territory.

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    Bronze-rated IQ Alpha Hedge Strategy attempts to capture the tactical asset allocation of hedge funds but at a lower cost.

Alternative Investments: Hedge Funds, Drawdowns, and More

News and insight from Alternative Investments Observer.

Nadia Papagiannis, 10/06/2009

The second issue of Morningstar's Alternative Investments Observer is ready--here are some highlights:

* Illuminating the Murky World of Hedge Fund Investing
How Morningstar's new transparency tool can help investors avoid hedge fund blowups.

* Quant Corner: One and a Quarter Centuries of Stock Market Drawdowns
Real stock market returns reveal the true frequency of "once-in-a-century" crashes.

* Morningstar Product Spotlight: Morningstar Direct
Showing the real price of drawdowns, to hedge fund investors and managers alike.

* Industry Trends: Alternative Mutual Funds
New mutual funds offer diversification options.

Download the latest issue here.

Nadia Papagiannis is the editor of Alternative Investments Observer.


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