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Share Your Retirement Planning Strategies

How are you helping clients build their portfolios for retirement?

Jerry Kerns, 08/23/2010

Clients' retirement portfolios have taken many hits over the past couple of years, and with slow economic growth forecasted for the foreseeable future, retirement planning is not going to get any easier.

For an upcoming issue of Morningstar Advisor magazine, we'd like to hear what your plan is for clients in the new era of low returns.

What investing strategies or models do you employ to build up clients' portfolios before they retire? Then, how do you invest and help clients fund their way of life during retirement?  Also, what hard lessons have the financial crisis and recession taught you and your clients? What about your successes? Has a particular strategy proved its worth to you?  

E-mail your stories and strategies to me at jerry.kerns@morningstar.com. We'll print some of them in Morningstar Advisor.    


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