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Turning Ink into Gold

Every communication is an opportunity to reinforce your positioning and your brand.

C. Marie Swift, 04/06/2006

Marketing encompasses everything that you put out that is related to your business--because everything you do is connected to how you position yourself and how you are perceived in the marketplace. This means that every time you write, you have an opportunity to reinforce your positioning, and that's an opportunity you don't want to miss.

But an opportunity can also be a challenge. In this case, the challenge is how to make your marketing copy work for you. Good marketers follow some basic guidelines which are outlined below.

Ten Tips for Successful Marketing Writing
1. Define your objective

Defining your object and desired results is important regardless of the type of piece you create. For what purpose are you creating this piece and what do you expect from it? Write down the product, service, event, or image you are trying to sell. Then determine the response you want from your prospect such as an inquiry, attendance, awareness, or an emotional behavior.

2. Make it about "you"

To sell your prospects on whatever you are promoting, you must relate it to their lives and convince them that you can fulfill their need. The value of addressing the customer as "you" in your promotional piece cannot be emphasized enough. Reflect on the clients' demographics and consider what it takes to motivate them to buy your product or service.

3. Sell benefits not features

A feature is a detail or specific characteristic of the  product or service you sell. A benefit is how that specific feature adds value or satisfies your clients' needs. Focusing on the benefits of your product or service helps your clients envision how it can enhance their lives.
4. Distinguish your product or service from the competition

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