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More Free Tools You Can Use

Additional free technology tools worthy of your attention.

Joel P. Bruckenstein, 07/13/2006

This month's lead story about Comodo's free product only made me hungry for more goodies that I could alert you to, so I decided to search for some new favorites and revisit a few old ones. The following are some free technology tools worthy of your attention.

A Free Document Management System
I know this sounds incredible, but there is such a thing as a free document management system, provided you are willing to put up with some limitations. Earlier this month, in Virtual Office News I reviewed a product called Docsvault Professional Edition from Easy Data Access (EDA).  In the course of researching that story, I discovered that EDA offers a free, Home version of Docsvault.

The home version, while obviously not as robust as the professional version, does offer a basic functional document management system at no cost. It offers the same intuitive interface, the same filing structure (cabinets, folders, subfolders and files), integrated scanning, and Safevault (a secure, encrypted area of Docsvault).

Features the professional version includes that are lacking in the Home version include Microsoft Office integration, custom document profiling, integrated document backup and restore, a built in PDF Creator, version control and an audit trail. Quite frankly, for business use, many of the additional features that the professional version provides are highly desirable. At $49.99, the professional edition is the recommended tool for your office.

So why mention the free home version? There are a couple of reasons. The first is that many readers have yet to adapt document management software. If you want to try before you buy, or if you simply want to educate yourself about the benefits of document management software, installing Docsvault Home is a good first step. Second, the free version is sufficient and appropriate for home use. In addition, it might be something you can recommend to clients, friends and family. The Safevault alone is reason enough to use the product in a home, vacation home, or even on a personal laptop. Protecting vital information with Safevault is very user friendly.

At this price, there's nothing to lose except a bit of your time. If the thought of a free document management system (or a secure "document vault) appeals to you, give Docsvault Home a try.

Fidelity Labs
Earlier this year, I wrote about a couple of innovative beta tools that Fidelity had posted at http://www.fidelitylabs.com/. One was a financial search engine; the other a mortgage search tool.

Since that time, Fidelity has added a few more interesting applications. One is a tool that helps locate banks offering free checking accounts in your area; the other is a "Savings Rate Finder". It helps users locate the best rate on local savings accounts, online savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit.

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