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Create a Five-Touch Marketing Campaign

Stand out from the crowd with direct mail, electronic communications, and phone outreach.

C. Marie Swift, 10/01/2009

In a companion article, I provided five tips to improve your marketing plan. While PR and media placements can certainly play a part in your overall marketing plan--and I am certainly one of the biggest proponents for adding credibility marketing tactics to every advisor's plan--crafting a five-touch campaign is a good way to attract attention and build share of mind right now.

These days, as many of your competitors are cutting costs, one way to stand out from the crowd is to invest in direct mail and supplement it with electronic communications and phone outreach.

The five touches could be:

1. Mail an invitation of some sort. Invite people to:
* Attend a financial planning presentation on a timely topic
* Participate in a book discussion group or workshop for x number of weeks
* Attend a free Web seminar or teleconference series
* Enjoy a no-obligation, private dinner or lunch with a Certified Financial Planner
* Ask the experts in a town-hall-meeting-style forum
* Call for a free copy of an important white paper or special report
* Request your free book now
Hint: You can create eye-catching post cards and automate the process at either www.Click2Mail.com or www.AmazingMail.com.

If you are delivering an item, such as a book or a special report, create a follow on opportunity for the recipient to join a professionally facilitated book discussion club.

For instance, some of the advisors I work with are using Personal Finance Workbook For Dummies by Sheryl Garrett or The Complete Idiot's Guide Personal Finance Workbook by John P. Napolitano as a workbook for "lunch and learn" or evening round table meeting. These can be purchased in volume, through the author or the publisher, at attractive prices and are a tangible reminder of your connection to the prospective client.

2. Send a follow-up e-mail message.
* Reinforce the value of attending or taking you up on the free deliverable
* Provide a link to some compelling information on your website or blog
* Invite them to subscribe to your newsletter and/or follow your blog
* Attach a value-added piece of information
* Make sure your e-mail message is visually attractive
* Use a photo and/or your company logo in your signature or use an e-newsletter banner to brand and capture their attention
* Embed a graphic of the free giveaway (such as a book cover) or meeting location (such as the dining facility or conference room setting).
Hint: You can create eye-catching e-newsletters and e-mail campaigns at www.constantcontact.com or www.aweber.com.

3. Call to confirm attendance and/or inquire if they'd like to receive the item.
* Last week, we sent you an invitation to join our "financial savvy" book club. Do you have a minute to talk? [if no: Is there a better time for us to speak?]
* We'll be holding a series of discussions--all centered around Keep Your Nest Egg from Cracking, written by Donald J. Patrick. He will personally lead the book club discussions for a total of six weeks in October and November.
* This is a great way to do some financial planning in a group setting as we round the corner into 2010. There is no cost to you to attend and the book is our gift to you.
* Don is interested in helping as many people as possible make better financial decisions as we move through these challenging times. There is no cost or obligation to you.
* I'd like to send you a copy of the book now, in advance of the book club discussions. May I confirm your address?
* And which of the two book clubs is better for you--Tuesday evenings or Thursday mid-day? [go over logistics]
* Great. We look forward to seeing you at the first meeting. I will send your book today and tuck inside the front cover a reminder, with directions to our office. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.
* [if not interested in attending] I'd still be happy to send you a copy of Don's book. And perhaps you'd like to receive our quarterly newsletter and monthly reports?

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