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Change Your Life With One Decision

Do you want to be different tomorrow than you are today?

Allyson Lewis, 02/18/2010

Is it really possible to change? Do you want more out of life? Are you ready to step outside your current comfortable boundaries?

How to change your life is a burning issue. Many people go to sleep at night existing in a very dissatisfied life. They feel that they are accomplishing much less than they are capable of accomplishing. They feel that they have something locked deep inside, something that inspires them and drives them, but they can't quite catch a glimmer of what that something is.

I believe that change happens in an instant. I believe that you can be different tomorrow than you are today, and I believe that the ability to change your life begins with one simple decision.

You change your life when you DECIDE to change.

When you are really ready to change, when you are ready to move from talking about change to living a life of embracing change . all it takes is making a simple decision to DO IT.

You want to be in better shape--stop talking about exercise and DO IT.
You want to be more productive--increase your daily activity
You want to do more business--ask more people to do business with you
You want to be more rested--go to bed
You want to be smarter--read the books
You want to be thinner--eat the right foods
You want more energy--focus on ideas that fill you with energy
You want less clutter--throw it away

Whatever you are dissatisfied about in life, take responsibility and ownership of it and decide to change it. Then, take the necessary steps to DO IT.

You can change your life with one decision--decide to change.

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