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Life 7.0--Creating a Life With Meaning

You can be different tomorrow from how you are today.

Allyson Lewis, 06/23/2010

Life 7.0 involves deciding to be different. It's a simple mindset of recognizing that change is possible and that change is often made up of tiny actions that you decide to carry out on a daily basis.

Life 7.0 is a process of moving from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. At the same time you settle into a deep understanding that while your future self may be calling you forward, it is only today in which we really have the opportunity to live and breathe.

Here is what a journey to Life 7.0 might look like:

Life 0.0: Unaware
Life 0.0 is where you wake up in the morning, you get dressed, kiss your kids and your spouse goodbye, spend eight or nine hours doing a good job, hop back in your car and fight your way through traffic, spend a few unremarkable hours at home, kiss your family good night, and do it all again tomorrow.

Days become months, months become years, and life passes you by. You have a vague sense that there might be something more to life, but the regular duties, demands, and distractions of your current life have left you completely unaware of the possibilities that a meaningful life offers.

Life 1.0: Conscious Awareness
Then something external happens: You wake up one morning and there is a line in the sand . . . your health changes, you hear bad news from a friend, or you experience something incredibly positive that touches your heart, and somehow you instantly become aware of your life circumstances. During these defining moments it becomes abundantly clear you can have more--more hope, more joy, more purpose, more meaning. You can have a life that matters.

With nothing more than a tiny seed of awareness, your brain jolts into gear. Thoughts spread over you, fill you, inspire you, drive you forward.

Life 2.0: Motivation
For the first time in a long time you find yourself motivated to make some changes in your life. On this morning, you wake up before your alarm clock goes off. You feel an energy you had forgotten. Your mind races with goals and aspirations. It is at this point you begin to believe something is happening. You believe you can be different. You feel different.  You even view your time differently. You begin to see the hours in your day as your most important ally. Because you have much to accomplish and time is a commodity, you will have to prioritize the values that are most important to you. Your faith, family, health, work, goals, dreams--everything is coming into clearer focus. This newfound clarity intensifies your motivation.

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