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Five Reasons Some Salespeople Are So Successful

And, how you can choose to be more successful, too.

Allyson Lewis, 09/23/2010

Many people in sales are successful. But, there are also the rare few who are incredibly successful. These people are in the top one to two percent of their industry. They are different. They aren't just good at what they do, they are great. I refer to these people as having the "all that" factor.

A few months ago I was writing about a new business acquaintance and this is what I wrote as I tried to describe her: "Haven't you met a person who seemed to have it all together? That person had something you wanted--he or she had the secret sauce, the magic bullet, the 'it' factor? These rare individuals have a magnetic force--a personality with a gravity that pulls you toward them. They simply have 'all that.' They can walk in a room and the energy rises. They can be introduced to you and from that moment--you believe them to be your friend and advocate. In a flash, you like them, trust them, and hope they will teach you."

Over the last 28 years I have met only a few of these remarkable people. I believe that some of them were simply born to succeed, while others have shaped and cultivated their success through conscious effort. Either way, here are five reasons some sales people are so successful:

1. Determination, Purpose and Meaning
Determine is a powerful word. It implies that you have decided or settled the important questions in your life. To determine or settle on your purpose in life will require you to step back and focus on many of the deepest questions in life. There comes a point in time where you must choose to fix your heart and soul, your time and your efforts on pursuing activities in alignment with your purpose.

When you meet one of these people you know that their work brings them much meaning in life. They are filled with excitement and enthusiasm, and their lives overflow with richness and fulfillment.

2. Selfless Willingness to Help and Serve Others
In 2007, John David Mann and Bob Burg published the best-selling book, The Go-Giver. This book highlights their "five laws of stratospheric success." This book is a must-read for everyone reading this article.

There is no doubt that their book has influenced my life. In the spring of 2010, I had the privilege to meet Bob Burg in person. What I learned is that Bob Burg doesn't just write about being a "go-giver," his life overflows with giving. Bob Burg has a selfless willingness to help and serve others.

3. Internal Motivation and Drive
In the Middle Ages, scientists and philosophers believed that the soul resided in the human heart. Little did they know that motivation and drive spring from electrical impulses and chemical connections in the brain. Every thought you have impacts who you become.

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