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What Non-Financial Aspects Do Clients Value Most?

A view into what traits investors value beyond investment services.

Michael M. Pompian, 04/21/2011

For the next six articles, we will be reviewing answers to behavioral questions posed to investors who use financial advisors from the survey I created in February 2010. The survey was completed by 980 individual investors who subscribe to either Morningstar.com and/or Morningstar investor newsletter publications. 

The questions cover behavioral aspects of how clients view the non-financial elements of their relationships with their advisors. The survey questions/statements we will review over the next six months are the following:

1. What non-financial aspects of the advisory relationships are important to you?

2. Rank by order of importance the characteristics you value in a financial advisor.

3. Select the top five aspects of a financial advisory relationship by order of importance to you.

4. Rank how often you prefer regular communication from your advisor.

5. How confident are you that the plan developed by your financial advisor will help you achieve your financial goals?

6. Check the three most important areas of a financial plan to you.

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