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When Does 1 + 1 = 100 Billion?

Double your potential by engaging your other 50 billion brain cells.

Allyson Lewis, 04/28/2011

Human potential seems unlimited. Every time an athletic record is set, within a certain period of time someone is running faster, swimming longer, or jumping higher.

What are the boundaries of an ordinary human? Is there a limit to what you can learn? Who sets the rules for how productive you can be, or how much you can like your job?

Where does this extraordinary ability come from? In my book, The Seven Minute Difference, I call it "Pushing Past the One Yard Line." The idea comes from watching football teams make it to the one yard line of the opposing team's goal and watching the offense struggle to move the ball the last 36 inches into the end-zone. 

How many of you reading this article have been doing a good job, but you find yourself standing on the one yard line of life wondering why you can't go the last little bit? How many little things (we call them micro-actions) could you do just a little bit better every day that would allow your life to be geometrically better in the long run?

In this article, I want to give you access to 50 billion things that can change your life in an instant.

Left-Brain, Right-Brain
One of the tag lines for our company is: "Change happens in an Instant!® It happens the moment you DECIDE to change." So much of your human ability has been with you all along. It is just time to re-discover it.

1 + 1 equals 100 billion in the human brain. One set of 50 billion brain cells in the left hemisphere, plus one set of 50 billion brain cells in the right hemisphere equals 100 billion brain cells.

These two hemispheres are very distinct and incredibly different. The left brain is logical, linear, sequential, fact-driven, and usually controls the language center. This portion of your brain allows you to plan, set goals, and understand written words.

The right brain is radically different from the left brain. It is holistic and sees the big picture. It imagines and dreams. The right brain thinks in pictures instead of words (and, because of this, it actually thinks much more quickly than the left brain--remember the adage, "a picture paints a thousand words"). Your right brain experiences life through the five physical senses. It is artistic, flowing, relational, adventurous, vibrant, intuitive, and lives in the moment. The right brain is creative, full of ideas, boundless in energy, hopeful, and expectant.

When you add the power of the 50 billion brain cells in your left brain skills with the conscious engagement of the 50 billion right brain cells, you will certainly have the potential to dramatically expand your human potential.

For decades the business world has placed a premium on the left brain skills of crunching numbers and having a business model that added up neatly and orderly.

However, I believe the business model of the future will be more client centric--and much more right-brain. I believe we will be asked to deliver more than a product or service. I think our clients are looking for "experiences." They want to engage in business at a different level. They want you to understand their "big picture." They want to know you as a friend, and they want you to listen to them and fully understand their hopes and dreams.

When I talk about the "100 Billion Ability," it is the ability to fully utilize the skillset of the 50 billion cells of your left brain while at the same time recognizing that in order to develop deeper and longer-term client relationships you will want to take the time to focus on utilizing the 50 billion cells of the right side of the brain as well.

When you meet one of those rare individuals who has definitely "pushed past the one yard line" of life--here are several phrases I would use to describe them:

Repeatable Processes
Clear Communicators
Well Connected
Clear Vision
Not Afraid of Risk
Able to Persevere
Rock Solid
They OWN Their Lives
Practice, Practice, Practice
Willing to Listen
Properly Assertive
Strong Network
Work Ethic
Team Player
Proper Nutrition
Ability to Say "No"
'Just Do It' Attitude
Open to New Ideas
High Energy
Know Their Purpose
Skill Set
Sense of Humor

The rare individuals who have this "all that" factor seem to be in touch with both their left brain and their right brain.

The beginning of the second quarter is a great time to step back and decide exactly how you want to finish the year. Human potential is only limited by how we limit ourselves. One plus one equals 100 billion brain cells.

Closing thoughts:

How Can You Improve Your Left Brain?
How Can You Improve Your Right Brain?
In 96% of the population, the left brain
houses the language center.
Your right brain experiences life through
what it can see, smell, hear, touch, and taste.

1. Use your left brain skill set to create a written plan of action. Write down what you plan to accomplish for the year, for each month, and even create a daily written
plan of action

2. Read. The human brain begs to learn.
If you want to be different tomorrow than
you are today, you must choose to continually learn. Set a goal to read one book per month for the rest of the year. (To see my recommended reading list, click here)

3. Clean out the clutter. The left brain
craves order and structure. Take the necessary time to de-clutter your work
space and begin to develop repeatable
systems and processes for your everyday tasks.

1. Your right brain is desperately seeking
to understand your purpose in life. Take
the time to ponder and write down
what is truly most important to you.
In a recent survey we conducted at
Seven Minutes, Inc. some of the top values
were family, love, friendships, faith,
and making a difference in the lives
of others.

Prioritize your values and then decide
if the life you are living is in
alignment with them.

2. Exercise. There is no doubt that exercise
is one of the fundamental foundations for
improving your personal productivity.

3. Go outdoors. With spring arriving, it is
time to let nature back into your life.
Go outside. Walk your dog, walk through
the park, even sit in your front yard
and breathe.

100 billion brain cells. How many is that? Dr. Stuart Yudofski, professor and chairman of the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in Houston, explained to me: "Look up at the stars in the sky. There are approximately 100 billion stars in our universe, but they don't have the ability to communicate with each other."

How much potential do you have? How much do you think?

Allyson Lewis is the author of, The Seven Minute Difference. She speaks on improving time management, increasing productivity and rediscovering purpose. Find out how you can own a copy of Allyson's new online video training program: www.The7MinuteLifeSystem.com, subscribe to her blog: www.AllysonLewis.com, and follow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/allyson7minutes

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