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Home>UPDATE: How to hustle like a stripper (in your career)

UPDATE: How to hustle like a stripper (in your career)

UPDATE: How to hustle like a stripper (in your career)


By Kari Paul, MarketWatch

Jacqueline Frances, a professional dancer and artist, gives workshops on how to know your worth

Jacqueline Frances, an artist and stripper who is known by her name "Jacq the Stripper (http://www.jacqthestripper.com/)," has worked in dozens of clubs and counted untold stacks of money since she started her career seven years ago. The 30 year old has since amassed a following of 67,000 on Instagram, embarked on an international talent show tour, and written three books, including one released in April (https://www.amazon.com/Striptastic-Jacqueline-Frances/dp/0692843981) called "Striptastic." The coffee-table collection of illustrations is based on interviews she did with nearly 300 strippers from around the world.

From her writing, tours and work as a stripper Frances has gleaned a number of important finance tips and knowledge. Frances, who is originally from Ontario, Canada, started stripping when she was traveling seven years ago in Australia and ran out of money. She quickly realized stripping was "the best job" she ever had, she says, and stayed in Australia until her visa expired after a year.

She then traveled the U.S., stripping in different cities, but often found herself returning to New York where she had met her girlfriend -- now wife. They were married three years ago and now Frances lives in the city full time, continuing her work as a stripper and teaching workshops. Her $60 class 'How to Hustle Like a Stripper in Any Career (http://www.jacqthestripper.com/tour/)' helps participants learn how to articulate their goals and succeed at them, she says, and ends with a dance workshop.

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MarketWatch talked with Frances about the wage gap, the gig economy and how to hustle like a stripper -- in any career:

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