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The Kurds meet all the criteria to have their own country

The Kurds meet all the criteria to have their own country


By Richard N. Haass

The world doesn't need more failed states, but Kurdistan could make it work

NEW YORK (Project Syndicate (https://www.project-syndicate.org/)) -- Returns show a high percentage of Iraq's estimated 8 million Kurds turned out to vote in a referendum on independence (https://www.wsj.com/articles/iraqi-kurds-vote-in-independence-referendum-despite-warnings-from-baghdad-u-s-1506328499)for the Kurdistan Region and other areas of the country with a substantial Kurdish population. An even higher proportion of voters -- reported to be above 90% -- voted yes. Much of the world, though, is unsympathetic, and statehood in today's world depends on recognition by other states. So what happens now?

To be sure, there is not and should not be any automatic right of self-determination. It was one thing for people in colonies ruled by governments thousands of miles away and deprived of many of their rights to opt for independence in the wake of World War II. It is something else altogether for a region to secede from an existing independent country. A world of frequent secession would be in even greater disarray than the world we already have.

The question then naturally arises: under what circumstances should leaders and populations seeking to leave one country and establish their own be supported? There is no universally accepted set of standards, but let me suggest some that should be applied:

-- A history that indicates a clear collective identity for the people in question.

-- A compelling rationale, in the sense that the population must be able to demonstrate that the status quo is imposing a large political, physical, and economic price.

-- The population makes clear that it strongly favors a new and separate political status.

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