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Undervalued Stocks

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  1. Buffett Assails Money-Manager Fees as Berkshire Reports Profit Rise --Update

    Buffett Assails Money-Manager Fees as Berkshire Reports Profit Rise --Update

  2. Quantitative Equity Ratings Prove Effective

    Mimicking the work of human analysts, machine-learning algorithms allow us to rate more than 50,000 firms worldwide.

  3. Health Care: A Few Stocks Still Offer Upside

    Despite the sector looking slightly overvalued, we still see stocks with attractive valuations across the different industries.

  4. Checking Up on the Star Rating for Stocks

    It's been a little over three years since we launched the Morningstar Rating for stocks, and it's time for another performance review. In a nutshell, we're still doing a solid job of helping investors find undervalued stocks that can be held for the long haul. There's still some room for ...

  5. What Investors Were Researching in August

    The Fed's taper dominated the headlines in August, but investors were looking for undervalued stocks , yield, and international opportunities.

  6. Healthy, Wealthy, and Wide

    With the stock market on a tear, finding undervalued stocks with large margins of safety is becoming increasingly difficult.

  7. The Predictive Power of Fair Value Estimates

    Investors would be smart to focus on stocks that trade at a discount to this metric.

  8. Imitation

    Why it might be better to imitate the pros rather than rely on original research.

  9. How to Tell if Your Fund Invests With Buffett

    Fund portfolio and Berkshire Hathaway shareholder data show which funds hold significant chunks of the company's stock.


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