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  1. Diversification for the Sake of Diversification

    Vanguard's Total International Bond exchange-traded fund is a poor investment today.

  2. Why I Think Ric Edelman Is Ahead of the Curve, Again

    Technology will change advice giving in the very near future, especially among younger people. Ric ’s ready. Are you?

  3. Asian Shares Rise, Australia Hits Six-Year High

    Asian Shares Rise, Australia Hits Six-Year High

  4. IRS Finalizes Rules for RIC and REIT Transfers

    In TD 9626, the IRS issued final regulations under Section 337(d) of the Tax Code to provide guidance concerning certain transfers of property from a C corporation to a regulated investment company or a real estate investment trust.

  5. Currency Hedging Makes International Bonds Easier to Own

    International-bond funds are a great way to diversify a fixed-income portfolio, but currency movements can create unnecessary volatility.

  6. A Low-Cost, Currency-Hedged International-Bond ETF

    By hedging currency exposure, this fund greatly reduces volatility that plagues traditional international-bond funds.

  7. Edelman Financial Expands in Virginia

    With the new office, the Ric Edelman-owned wealth management firm now has 32 offices in 13 states.

  8. Minimize Ownership Complications With This MLP Idea

    This MLP exchange-traded note isn't revolutionary, but it has fewer structural issues than other popular exchange-traded products.

  9. A Good Reason to Buy High-Premium Closed-End Funds?

    The RIC Modernization Act could give free money to CEF investors participating in Distribution Reinvestment Plans.

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