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  1. UPDATE: This is why Americans are overweight and broke

    UPDATE: This is why Americans are overweight and broke

  2. Nobu Honolulu Opens at Ward Village®

    Nobu Honolulu Opens at Ward VillageĀ®

  3. Dine Out, Spend Less

    Tough times call for cutting back on many things, but going out for dinner doesn't have to be one of them. A Web site called restaurant.com allows you to purchase gift certificates at a discount to many restaurants in your neighborhood.

  4. Dine Out More, Earn More

    Hilton offers a program that rewards you to eat out.

  5. Add Some Ketchup to That Mac and Cheese

    The merged Kraft-Heinz will enjoy a solid brand mix and a bigger scale advantage.

  6. China's Growth Slows and Takes World Equity Markets With It

    Slower long-term growth in China is probably an economic reality.

  7. Traveling Well Without Breaking the Bank

    Morningstar.com readers enthuse about the wallet-friendly virtues of off-peak travel, apartment rentals, and dining where the locals do.

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