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  1. Apex Medical's Respiratory Therapy Product Receives Affirmation from USITC

    Apex Medical's Respiratory Therapy Product Receives Affirmation from USITC

  2. Should You Add Longevity Protection to Your Retirement Plan?

    Longevity annuities might be a newly available option for your IRA, but retirees should weigh the pros and cons before buying these vehicles.

  3. Ins and Outs of Taking Required Minimum Distributions From Multiple Plans

    From a distance, taking required minimum distributions looks easy, but up close it's more complicated.

  4. RMD Surprises!

    Little-known  RMD issues do pop up every once and awhile.

  5. Favorite Investments for Short-Term Retirement Assets

    Readers share where they're holding money they expect to spend within the next year or two.

  6. Favorite Retirement Holdings for the Intermediate Term

    Morningstar readers name their favorite core bond funds, TIPS, and allocation vehicles for the middle portion of their portfolios.

  7. Too-Rosy Hedge Fund Returns

    ResMed continues to grow at a fast pace.

  8. Even Higher-Income IRA Owners Take Pre-RMD Withdrawals

    Most IRA owners limit withdrawals to required minimum distributions, according to a new report from the Employee Research Benefit Institute. Nevertheless, a substantial number of higher-income retirees take withdrawals before age 70-1/2 and those non-required distributions may be relatively large, ...

  9. Year-End RMD Reminders

    When an IRA beneficiary isn't named, there's trouble.

  10. 6 Financial-Planning Goofs and How You Can Easily Avoid Them

    IRA conversions, Medicare claiming, and required minimum distributions all have the potential to trip up investors.

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