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  1. Henkel to Partner with HP to Develop 3D Material Solutions

    Henkel to Partner with HP to Develop 3D Material Solutions

  2. Becoming the Autonomous Advisor

    One back-office tech provider wants to empower financial advisors with the ability to work like Thomas Crown.

  3. The Big Trends in Financial Services Technology

    In a farewell report, MorningstarAdvisor.com technology columnist Bill Winterberg reflects on the advancements and evolutions in cloud-based and mobile technology, CRM, portfolio management, rebalancing software, and online advice over the last four years.

  4. Avoid Legacy Portfolio Software Constraints

    As providers perform a growing number of portfolio management software database conversions, advisors should no longer feel captive to any one portfolio management system.

  5. An Alternate Spin on Account Aggregation

    Here's a product that leverages off-the-shelf software to jump-start account aggregation.

  6. For Independent Integration, X Marks The Spot

    This platform-agnostic suite of tools might be just what you need.

  7. One Tool With Six-Figure Savings Potential

    Implementing rebalancing software can yield significant savings in both overhead and time spent managing client portfolios.

  8. Embracing the Cloud

    More advisors are ditching their servers in favor of the cloud, minimizing IT costs and freeing up more time for client service.

  9. 2011's Best Tech for Advisors

    This year's Best Tech for Advisors Award winners are likely to increase advisor growth and productivity in 2012 and beyond.

  10. Client Reports: How Less Can Be More

    Condensed client report software look to fill the gap between financial planning tomes and no planning at all.

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