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  1. Makings of a Wide Moat in Diabetes Care

    Novel products will allow drug firms to achieve price premiums on diabetes drugs in the U.S. and at least retain level pricing internationally.

  2. Strong Pipeline Helps Protect Baxter's Wide Moat From Competition

    The diversified health-care firm remains remarkably profitable in tough industries.

  3. What We Can Expect From Second-Quarter Earnings

    Morningstar's Heather Brilliant says investors could see a lot of market volatility this upcoming earnings season, but that could make for tremendous buying opportunities of quality names.

  4. Ideas From the Wide Moat Focus Index

    Morningstar StockInvestor editor Matt Coffina discusses recent additions to the Wide Moat Focus Index.

  5. Novo's Scale Advantages and Drug Lineup Broaden Its Wide Moat

    Regulatory issues that we believe have little impact on Novo Nordisk's long-run prospects have finally helped shares of the leading insulin maker go on sale.

  6. Wide Moats, Positive Moat Trends, Exemplary Stewardship

    Morningstar StockInvestor editor Matt Coffina highlights three of the highest-quality companies we cover.

  7. Novo Nordisk Has One of the Widest Moats in Health Care

    Morningstar StockInvestor editor Matt Coffina explains why he recently purchased Novo Nordisk for StockInvestor's real-money Hare portfolio.

  8. Readers Share Top Picks for an Uninspiring Market

    Some users find value in dividend-paying blue chips, while others are compiling watchlists and waiting for a pullback.

  9. Where It Could Pay to Be Active

    A look at how our 2012 Fund Managers of the Year stack up against their benchmarks.

  10. Announcing Morningstar's Fund Managers of the Year for 2012

    These skippers shone amid a challenging market environment.

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