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  1. Consumer Defensive: Top-Shelf Picks for a Cautious Spending Environment

    As consumer spending slows, investors should focus on companies that enjoy strong brand intangible assets or sustainable cost advantages.

  2. Consumer Defensive: Only a Handful of Values Left

    Strong brands and cost advantages are key in the current global consumer spending environment.

  3. Why Retirees Should Consider Investing Abroad

    Readers say diversification and exposure to good companies call for looking beyond the U.S.

  4. Add Some Ketchup to That Mac and Cheese

    The merged Kraft-Heinz will enjoy a solid brand mix and a bigger scale advantage.

  5. International Small-Cap Funds Offer Better Diversification

    And they do so without more risk, relative to international large-cap funds.

  6. Heinz-Kraft Deal Strengthens Competitive Advantages

    The deal, which would make Kraft-Heinz the third-largest food and beverage firm in North America, stands to enhance Kraft's narrow moat, writes Morningstar's Erin Lash.

  7. Keep an Eye on the Downside

    Funds for the cautious investor.

  8. Keep an Eye on the Downside

    Funds for the cautious investor.

  9. Sales Sour, but Hershey's Still Sweet

    The confectionery firm isn't immune to competition, but its brand remains strong.

  10. Africa: Rising Incomes, Changing Tastes

    Africa’s population growth will magnify the impact of its improving diets.

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