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  1. UPDATE: How to deduct medical expenses if you're over 65

    UPDATE: How to deduct medical expenses if you're over 65

  2. Advisers shy away from LTC insurance dialogue: Study

    Low comfort level with LTC products makes advisers recoil, but some think that's a weak argument.

  3. Get Ready for Gender-Based Pricing on LTC Insurance

    A new twist is coming to LTC insurance: gender-based pricing, and women can expect to pay 20% to 40% more for coverage than men, says Michael Kitces.

  4. John Hancock ceases sales of traditional long-term-care insurance policies

    "Macroeconomic trends" led Hancock to ditch new policy sales, in the latest example of an LTC market beleaguered by negative consumer perception and low interest rates.

  5. Genworth doubles down on LTC business in challenging market

    The firm is suspending sales in traditional life insurance and fixed annuity products in the first quarter of 2016.

  6. Cognitive impairment, lower income drive higher LTC insurance lapses: Study

    Advisers should take these factors into account when incorporating long-term-care insurance into a client's financial plan.

  7. Another Problem For LTC Insurance: Earlier Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

    Palisades Hudson Newsletter: http://palisadeshudson.com/sentinel/ Larry Elkin's Blog: http://palisadeshudson.com/current-commentary/

  8. Boomers Underestimate LTC Cost, Life Expectancy

    The cost of future long-term care for boomers could be more than three times what they're expecting, a consumer survey by Nationwide Financial found.

  9. In Medicaid Planning, Don’t Surrender Life Insurance—Trade it for LTC Instead

    Your clients who are nearing retirement age might often wonder why they bother maintaining the life insurance policies they’ve funding for years. But under some recent state proposals, owning a life insurance policy can actually help clients in long-term care planning.

  10. To Use Medicaid for LTC , Clients Give Away Wealth, Advisors Say

    A Nationwide Financial survey found 42% of advisors saying their clients wanted to ‘intentionally impoverish themselves’ to qualify for Medicaid.


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