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  1. A New Way to Interpret Equity Risk

    Our risk model helps investors spot the factors that influence returns.

  2. What's Behind Your Bond Fund's Returns?

    Bond funds' past performance isn't necessarily indicative of skill.

  3. Optimal Portfolios for the Long Run

    Our study shows that equity risk declines as time horizon expands.

  4. Performance Evaluation Tool Kit

    The appropriate tools may help investors distinguish luck from skill. 

  5. Understanding Factor Models

    A primer on how linear factor models are used to look at fund manager performance. 

  6. Secure Your Mobile Connections

    Public WiFi hotspots are everywhere, but advisors must take appropriate steps protect sensitive data when working from the road.

  7. The Predictive Power of Fair Value Estimates

    Investors would be smart to focus on stocks that trade at a discount to this metric.

  8. Shrinking Alpha

    Common sources of return can now explain performance that was once attributed to skill.

  9. Liquidity Signals

    Incorporating market-liquidity levels in a dynamic asset-allocation policy improves portfolios.

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