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  1. Retirement Accounts: Keep Contributing After Age 70 1/2?

    It may sound strange, but this technique can work well in some circumstances.

  2. NIRI Announces Individual Chapter Leadership Award Winners

    NIRI Announces Individual Chapter Leadership Award Winners

  3. Excess IRA Contributions: How to Fix Them

    Mind the deadline for taking a 'corrective distribution.'

  4. Revisiting K-12 School District 403(b) Agreements

    Prudent Investor Advisors' W. Scott Simon analyzes a series of agreements between a large insurance company and a K-12 school district.

  5. Plan Overpayment=Disaster!

    When advising an employee who is retiring, be zealous in making sure she receives everything--but not more--than she is entitled to!

  6. Multiple Employer Plans: The Platinum Standard

    A MEP is the best way to create maximum efficiency in retirement plans.

  7. Beneficiary in the Dark on 529 Account

    Plus questions about distributions when tuition is otherwise covered, when computer expenses qualify, and more.

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