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  1. Is India now fully valued? -- Barron's Asia

    Is India now fully valued? -- Barron's Asia

  2. 529s and Medicaid

    Get answers about 529 assets and Medicaid qualification, plus putting 529s in revocable trusts.

  3. Matching 529 Distributions with Expenses

    Plus, a case study on the key considerations when using 529 accounts in an irrevocable trust.

  4. New Tax Law Alleviates 529 Concern

    Plus computer expenses, trusts expenses, and more.

  5. Rising Global Interest Rates Create Headwinds

    Plus bond diversification, annuities, and IRA deductibility.

  6. 529s and Generation-Skipping Trusts

    Plus, proposed legislation could change 529 use with student loans, and more.

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