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E.ON Aktiengesellschaft ADR

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  1. Utilities: Repeating a Stellar 2014 Performance Will Be Tough

    Utilities' 23% total return through mid-December topped all sectors except for M&A-fueled health care.

  2. Utilities: Starting to Look Attractive After a Woeful 2015 Start

    Utilities' 4% dividend yields still look attractive even with the chance for rising interest rates.

  3. Nygren: The Market Is About Where It Belongs

    Although not as cheap as it was, the stock market's valuation today isn't much different than long-term historical averages and is more attractive than competing investments like bonds and cash, says Oakmark's Bill Nygren.

  4. Concerned about the Dollar? How to Manage Dollar Risk

    Shortly after the European Union's order to the Spanish government to remove protectionist measures preventing E.On's EON bid for Endesa ELE, E.On has upped the ante. E.On increased its bid by 38%, from 25.4 euros per share to 35 euros per share, increasing the all-cash tender by roughly $13 ...

  5. Utilizing Utilities’ Total Return

    These bargains offer robust dividends and room for price appreciation.

  6. Our Outlook for Utilities Stocks

    Finally, utilities with good growth and attractive yields are on sale.

  7. Utilities: Bloody February Brings Valuations Back In Line

    We don't see an end to this atypical volatility until interest rates rise back toward historical norms.

  8. Doll: U.S. Recovery Not Firing on All Cylinders

    We are getting only some of the economic and earnings fundamental improvement we need to keep pushing us forward, says Nuveen chief equity strategist Bob Doll.


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