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  1. Lower GDP Growth No Reason to Panic

    Underneath all the changes in the fourth-quarter GDP data, the U.S. economy is still the same slow-moving ocean liner.

  2. Is the Interim Bottom In for Housing?

    U.S. homebuilding starts are falling with the temperature, but they should thaw in spring, writes Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

  3. GDP Growth: Accelerating or Decelerating?

    The period you examine makes a relatively large difference in guessing what the economy's true trend is.

  4. Employment Report Fails to Pass the Sniff Test

    But the economy is not all roses, either.

  5. Slipping Auto Sales May Tap the Brakes on Economy

    A slowing auto-sales growth rate is why I am less bullish than most observers about overall GDP growth in 2014.

  6. Forget Fed Tapering--It's All About the Economy

    Positive economic news--including Friday’s job report--finally overcame fears about Fed stimulus cutbacks.

  7. No-Confidence Votes for the Consumer

    The potential for another bruising budget battle in January, uncertainty over health insurance, and doubt about Fed policy are likely contributing to the sour views.

  8. Consumer Turnaround?

    Month-over-month retail sales data was surprisingly good, but it's too soon to call it a comeback.

  9. Good--but Not Great--Economy Confounds Bulls and Bears

    Though the market has been prone to taper frets, nothing in this week's economic data was particularly strong.

  10. Reality of Government Shutdown Still Setting In

    Although the market has been soft in recent weeks, it seems to have hardly grasped the potential of a longer-term shutdown, writes Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

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