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Amylin Pharmaceuticals

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  1. Carl Icahn Takes Stake in Bristol-Myers Squibb -- 2nd Update

    Carl Icahn Takes Stake in Bristol-Myers Squibb -- 2nd Update

  2. New Pressure on Drug Giant -- WSJ

    New Pressure on Drug Giant -- WSJ

  3. Stock Star Rating Performance Update

    As 2005 draws to a close, our performance continues to be solid all around, with some bright spots and a few areas for further improvement. Our contrarian stance on large-cap and energy stocks has weighed on our results recently, but we're still confident that those calls will work out in the end. ...

  4. News and Investing: Stay Cool

    The potential for a key drug in Amylin's pipeline is about to become clearer.

  5. Services Super Sector: Major Themes

    Health-care Sector Although the median health-care stock is slightly overvalued in our opinion, we're very excited by the prospects of the health-care sector. Demographics--especially older, wealthier populations--give many of the firms we cover a strong outlook in 2007 and beyond. We're excited ...

  6. Biotech Investing for the Long Haul

    Three ways to separate long-term winners from stocks that fizzle.

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