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  1. The Bucket Approach to Retirement Portfolio Construction

    Setting aside one to two years' worth of living expenses in one bucket can make it easier for retirees to also hold more volatile assets with higher potential returns for the later years of retirement.

  2. Retirement Planning in Overvalued Markets

    Ratcheting down your equity exposure when stocks are richly valued can help combat 'sequence of return' risk and improve retirement-income sustainability, says financial-planning expert Michael Kitces.

  3. When Should You Take Social Security?

    Age 62? 70? Financial need, longevity, and lifestyle all factored into these readers' decisions.

  4. Don't Be Dogmatic About Retirement -Portfolio Withdrawals

    In high- (or low-) tax years, retirees may have reason to flout the rules of thumb on withdrawal sequencing.

  5. A Roadmap for Assessing Retirement Portfolio Performance

    Comparing your portfolio with a good target-date fund or a customized benchmark can help you determine how you're doing.

  6. Is Your Retirement Portfolio's Asset Allocation on Track?

    Some guidance on setting--and not forgetting--your portfolio's stock/bond/cash mix.

  7. Morningstar's 5-Point Retirement Portfolio Checkup

    Jan. 26-30: Check your savings progress, assess your asset allocation, evaluate performance, size up your individual holdings, and get new ideas with model portfolios from Morningstar.

  8. How Many Retirement Holdings Do You Need? Depends Who You Ask

    Some readers favor the flexibility of a sprawling portfolio, while others prefer a simpler approach.

  9. UPDATE: 10 investing tips to beat Wall St. even without a 'fiduciary rule'

    UPDATE: 10 investing tips to beat Wall St. even without a 'fiduciary rule'

  10. Morningstar's Tax Relief Week 2015

    Feb. 23-27: Our tips and picks for tax-sheltered and taxable accounts, tax-efficient portfolio planning, and saving taxes in retirement.

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