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  1. Target-Date Pros and Cons

    All-in-one retirement funds offer convenience and professional money management, but they may not be for everyone.

  2. Correlation Building Between REITs and Other Stocks

    Real estate investment trusts, once seen as a key diversifying asset class, have recently moved more like other equities.

  3. Morningstar.com's Risk Management Week

    Nov. 17-21: Reframe your risk perception, manage risk in your retirement portfolio , and uncover the risks worth taking today.

  4. Is Your Retirement Portfolio Ready to Do the 'Twist'?

    For retirees tapping their assets, the rules on asset location are different than they are for accumulators.

  5. Test-Driving an Income-Centric Retirement Portfolio

    Our yield-focused portfolio delivers a lumpy cash flow.

  6. Lessons From Our Bucket Retirement Portfolio Stress Tests

    Takeaways include the value of asset allocation, investment discipline, and rebalancing.

  7. Unpacking the 4% Rule for Retirement -Portfolio Withdrawals

    It's a useful starting point for retirement planning, but it's crucial to understand the assumptions behind it.

  8. One Retirement, Many Accounts: How Investors Allocate

    Many readers said they treat their retirement holdings as part of one overall portfolio while others took an account-by-account approach.

  9. 4 Key Retirement Risks and How to Overcome Them

    Morningstar's Christine Benz offers solutions for facing a bear market early in retirement, outliving your money, falling behind inflation, and managing high health-care expenses.

  10. How Investors Got a Handle on Risk

    Experiencing the ups and downs helped them understand the market--and themselves--better.

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