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Required Minimum Distribution - RMD

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  1. UPDATE: April 1st is no joke for retirement account holders

    UPDATE: April 1st is no joke for retirement account holders

  2. President Obama’s 2016 Budget Proposal

    I am submitting articles on behalf of Baird should not be listed as the author. As such, we include the bio of the author at the end of the article and are glad to provide contact information to confirm.

  3. RMD Surprises!

    Little-known  RMD issues do pop up every once and awhile.

  4. When Should You Take Social Security?

    Age 62? 70? Financial need, longevity, and lifestyle all factored into these readers' decisions.

  5. Don't Be Dogmatic About Retirement-Portfolio Withdrawals

    In high- (or low-) tax years, retirees may have reason to flout the rules of thumb on withdrawal sequencing.

  6. RMD Conundrums

    Natalie Choate answers reader questions about calculating multiple beneficiary and 'much younger spouse' RMDs.

  7. 5 RMD Pitfalls to Avoid

    Make sure your RMD decisions add up from an investment and tax standpoint.

  8. A Year-End To-Do List for Investors

    Don't forget to top up tax-advantaged accounts and mind taxes as you rebalance your portfolio and stage your RMDs, says Vanguard's Colleen Jaconetti.

  9. Christine Benz's 6-Step Portfolio Checkup

    Morningstar's director of personal finance outlines how to gauge your portfolio's viability, evaluate your allocation, troubleshoot risk factors, and more in this special Web seminar presentation.

  10. Time to Get It Together (Tax Planning, That Is)

    Baird's Tim Steffen offers some pointers on managing capital gains, taking a multiyear approach to income tax planning, and managing your tax liability in retirement.

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