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Practice Management

  1. A Model for Serving Millennial and Gen X Clients

    Hint: It Doesn’t Involve Adirondack Chairs

  2. Protecting Widowed Spouses From Gain on the Sale of Their Home

    Many widowed clients assume that they have lost the ability to use the full $500,000 exclusion upon the sale of their jointly owned home, but there are two ways to protect them from realizing all gains above their remaining exclusion.

  3. Annuity Inside an IRA: Know the Rules

    Although both immediate and deferred annuity contracts can be held in an IRA, they have very different consequences under the minimum distribution rules.

  4. 7 Ways to Build a Better Prospecting List

    Prospecting is an advisor's most dreaded task. It's also the difference between success and failure.

  5. Conservatism Bias: Why Some Clients Won't Change Their Minds

    Clients often cling to their prior views or forecasts at the expense of acknowledging new information.

  6. Retirement Accounts: Keep Contributing After Age 70 1/2?

    It may sound strange, but this technique can work well in some circumstances.

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