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It May Not Have Been the Month You Thought It Was

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Mon, 17 Jun 2013

At this point you've probably heard that May 2013 was a bad month for bonds. With the exception of the shortest-dated debt, Treasury bond yields rose across the maturity spectrum by similar amounts; the 10-year note gapped out roughly 50 basis points during the month. With a few exceptions, longer-

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    Investors may need to stretch for a bit more yield, but to get entirely out of a very safe bond index fund and into riskier fare should be unacceptable, says the Vanguard founder.

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    Many managers are of the mind that rates have gone about as far as they're going to go for a while, so investors probably don't want to exit the bond market while their funds are down, reports Morningstar's Eric Jacobson. Plus, get an update on fund category performance in the second quarter as well as updates on fund leaders and laggards, including PIMCO Total Return.

  3. Rising-Rate Concerns Push Investors to Noncore Assets

    May flows data show investors are putting money to work in nontraditional fixed-income holdings, as well as emerging-markets equities, for perceived better returns.

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