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Die, Horse, Die!

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Thu, 30 May 2013

Cheap Funds Are Chic Yesterday's The Wall Street Journal carried an Opinion piece sounding a familiar theme: "You're Paying Too Much for Investment Help."  Written by Burton Malkiel, the article lambastes the U.S. mutual fund industry for overcharging for active management and for not passing along

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  1. Overcoming Hurdles in ETFs

    Dr. Gerald Buetow of Innealta Capital details the flexibility ETF managed portfolios have in taking on multiple investment styles and also says ETFs could wipe out a lot of mutual funds .

  2. Commodity Price Drop Creating CEF Bargains

    The recent sell-off of gold and other commodities has led to advantageous discounts for precious-metals CEFs, but the funds should remain a small portion of your portfolio.

  3. Bogle: Yield Seekers Shouldn't Go Out on a Limb

    Investors may need to stretch for a bit more yield, but to get entirely out of a very safe bond index fund and into riskier fare should be unacceptable, says the Vanguard founder.

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