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Morningstar's Retirement Portfolio Week

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Fri, 28 Jan 2011

Jan. 24-28: Our top income, allocation, risk-management, and investment ideas for retirees.

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  1. Making Money Last in Retirement

    Panel discussion: Christine Benz , advisor Mark Balasa, and Morningstar columnist Mark Miller discuss how withdrawal rates, asset allocation, Social Security decisions, and long-term-care insurance factor into portfolio sustainability.

  2. Experts Answer Your Retirement Questions

    Financial planner Mark Balasa and Morningstar's Christine Benz and David Blanchett tackled viewers' most pressing retirement questions, from determining savings rates and income needs to planning for Social Security and maximizing retirement accounts .

  3. Can 401(k)s Get the Job Done?

    Roundtable Report: Christine Benz , John Rekenthaler, and David Blanchett weigh in on how this savings vehicle can be made better and used better by the increasing number of Americans who will depend on it.

  4. How to Fund a Long Retirement

    With mortality improvements, investors planning for a long retirement should consider an annuity , delaying Social Security , and being more aggressive with their portfolio.

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