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  1. UPDATE: ETFs win the battle, but will they help you win the war?

    UPDATE: ETFs win the battle, but will they help you win the war?

  2. There's More to Fund Investing Than Mutual Funds

    Total return and risk-adjusted performance both support the view that mutual funds , closed - end funds, and exchange - traded funds are not created equal.

  3. Morningstar's Favorite Developed-Markets Stock Funds and ETFs

    Whether you prefer an active or an index approach, our analysts say these are the best of breed.

  4. Are Mutual Fund and ETF Investors Leaving Money on the Table?

    We take a look at a tactical closed - end fund investing strategy.

  5. 5 Tips For Trading ETFs

    Don't forget what the "ET" in ETF stands for.

  6. Fact or Fiction: Exchange -Traded Funds Are More Tax-Efficient Than Mutual Funds

    ETFs can offer better tax efficiency, but mainly in the domestic-equity realm.

  7. When Mutual Funds Beat ETFs

    Brokerage fees, lack of active offerings can tip the scales.

  8. Schwab Reports Monthly Activity Highlights

    Schwab Reports Monthly Activity Highlights

  9. Untangling ETF Tax-Efficiency Myths

    In-kind redemptions give ETFs an edge in tax efficiency, but other factors are bigger when comparing them with mutual funds .

  10. Fed Action Keeping Bond Funds Popular

    The Federal Reserve's bond purchases are contributing to greater inflows into fixed-income funds, while demand for stock funds is near multiyear lows.

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