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Target-Date Funds

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  1. 7 Habits of Successful Investors

    Special presentation: Learn how 'cheaping out,' building in discipline, and other simple steps help successful investors get it done.

  2. Questions About Bucket Retirement Portfolio Logistics? We Have Answers

    The effect of Social Security, whether target-date funds make sense, and more.

  3. Active or passive target-date funds have similar returns, Morningstar finds

    Actively managed and passively managed target-date funds produce similar investment returns over longer time frames, new research shows.

  4. Inclusion in new Pimco funds is a coup for Vanguard

    Bond giant's latest target date funds invest heavily in the low-cost firm's ETFs.

  5. Morningstar's Favorite International-Bond Funds

    Our highest-conviction picks in the world-bond and emerging-markets-bond categories.

  6. Why the stock market is unsafe for the average -2-

    Why the stock market is unsafe for the average -2-

  7. UPDATE: Is the stock market safe for average -2-

    UPDATE: Is the stock market safe for average -2-

  8. How Much Foreign Stock and Bond Exposure Do You Need?

    One-size-fits-all answers are few and far between, but we provide a few guideposts.

  9. Target date funds are working but they can be expensive

    Target date funds are throwing off solid returns and protecting investors from their worst instincts. But they can be expensive.

  10. A Brief History of 401(k)s

    The evolution of an accident.

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