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Risk Control

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  1. 3D Asset: Quit Calling It Smart Beta

    Unless specified otherwise, all performance and market data are sourced from Bloomberg. For all indices, performance reflects total returns which is change in price plus reinvested dividends and/or interest, if any. MSCI index total returns are shown net of dividend withholding taxes.

  2. Some Best Fund Ideas for Investing Onshore

    As China’s markets open up, asset-management industry takes root.

  3. Morningstar's Risk Control Week

    June 14-18 on Morningstar.com

  4. Think Twice Before Throwing Low-Risk Stock-Fund Laggards Overboard

    Investors often underestimate the virtues of risk control at the worst possible times.

  5. Volatility and Risk: Know the Difference

    Investors should control for real risk--namely, the risk of losing money--at all times in their portfolios, says Oaktree's Howard Marks.

  6. 3 Chicken Ways to Rebalance

    While rebalancing in a pure form will do a better job of controlling risk, these strategies can help add a contrarian tilt to a portfolio.

  7. Index, Active, or Both: 8 Questions to Help You Decide

    A user's guide to customizing your ratio of active and passive investments.

  8. Actively Managing Risk in Fixed Income

    Adhering to a risk framework and prioritizing issue selection and position sizing are central to risk management at Gold-rated Metropolitan West Total Return Bond.

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