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  1. Does Your Portfolio Need a 'Succession Plan'?

    Even dedicated do-it-yourselfers should follow these key steps.

  2. Funding Costs Fall in China's Money Market

    Funding Costs Fall in China's Money Market

  3. The Smartest Beta: Don’t Do Dumb Things

    Debate over innovation is constructive, but the basic tenets of being a smart investor haven’t changed.

  4. The Bucket Approach to Retirement Portfolio Construction

    The bucket approach to retirement portfolio planning is a strategy for funding retirement cash-flow needs while also maintaining a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and cash. The overarching idea is to set aside one to two years' worth of living expenses in cash (bucket 1), while using ...

  5. What to Do With Your 401(k) When You Retire

    Find out how these investors weighed the pros and cons of rolling money into an IRA versus staying put.

  6. Ready Your Portfolio for Retirement

    Morningstar's Christine Benz demonstrates how to make a bucket portfolio best work for you, touching on allocation, RMDs, other income sources, and more.

  7. Picks and Strategies to Navigate Today's Market

    Roundtable report: Morningstar strategists offer up their best ideas for a fully valued, low-yield market with few attractive choices.

  8. Build a Moat in Your Portfolio

    Moats are key to sound equity-investing strategies, and Morningstar's Matt Coffina details what to look for and how to leverage a stock's competitive advantages to your benefit.

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