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Longevity Risk

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  1. Missed Opportunities

    Despite good intentions, retirement plans fail to meet women’s unique needs.

  2. How Retirees Can Build a Bulwark Against Longevity Risk

    For those worried about outliving their assets, Vanguard's Steve Utkus recommends buying inflation-hedged bonds, delaying Social Security, or investing in annuities.

  3. Retirees Need Help Converting Savings into Income

    U.S. policymakers can learn a lot from other countries' approaches.

  4. On the Lookout for Guaranteed Income Streams

    Controlling longevity risk is achievable, but clients have to decide what they're willing to give up to get it.

  5. Trading Away Pensions

    Participants give up their lifetime benefits to take lump sums. Why?

  6. Ratings Upgrades and Downgrades for U.S. Target-Date Series

    An updated ratings methodology brings a few notable changes.

  7. Target Date Income Funds: A Viable Alternative to Annuities in Retirement Plans

    The whole point of TDiFs is to secure inflation-protected retirement income--which is also a central concern of ERISA.

  8. All Financial Advice Is Conflicted

    The business model exerts its effects.

  9. Time for Congress to Step Up

    Bob Reynolds says the right public policy can fix the retirement gap.


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