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Latest Video

  1. Bhansali: Preservation Just as Important as Appreciation

    Ariel's Rupal Bhansali describes her funds' approach to managing downside protection as well as upside capture.

  2. Bhansali: Opportunities in Energy and Tech

    Ariel's Rupal Bhansali highlights picks, including Nokia, chipmaker Dialog Semiconductor, and energy services firms Schlumberger and Core Laboratories.

  3. Heinz Deal Beefs Up Kraft’s Growth Prospects

    Leveraging Heinz's more extensive global footprint and efficient operations should help Kraft expand its earnings and competitive advantage, says Morningstar's Erin Lash.

  4. Friday Five: Heinz-Kraft Deal Makes for a Tasty Combo

    The packaged-foods merger makes sense from a strategic standpoint, says Morningstar markets editor Jeremy Glaser. Plus, the Fed guessing game continues, and more.

  5. New Cancer Drugs: First Movers Will Win

    First movers, including Bristol-Myers, and firms that can aggregate a portfolio of immuno-oncology therapies will be positioned well.

  6. Wait for a Price Cut on Organic-Food Stocks

    Sales growth in the organic-food space should prove to be sustainable over the long term, but the related stocks are currently overvalued.

  7. Johnson: Slow-and-Steady Economy Continues in 2015

    Recent data looks a little soft, but a better housing market should buoy up the weaker areas of the economy and make for a steady, staid 2015, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

  8. First-Quarter Leaders and Laggards: Equity Funds

    International funds outpaced domestic, small-cap bested large-cap, and growth beat value.

  9. The Future Looks Bright for This Wide-Moat Utility

    ITC boasts much higher returns on capital and significantly lower risk than other utilities thanks to its friendlier regulatory situation, says Morningstar's Matt Coffina.

  10. Moaty Oil Stocks Worth a Second Look

    Oil's drop has left some firms vulnerable without a competitive advantage, but other quality companies look undervalued today, says Morningstar's Allen Good.

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