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Fixed-Income Funds

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  1. Kinnel: 4 High-Cost Fund Duds

    These funds are prime examples that costs are the best predictor of future performance.

  2. The Pros and Cons of 401(k) Loans

    While not the first choice, 401(k) loans can be a decent option for investors with near-term cash needs, but it is not an investment strategy, says Michael Kitces.

  3. BlackRock Reports Third Quarter 2017 Diluted EPS of $5.78, or $5.92 as adjusted

    BlackRock Reports Third Quarter 2017 Diluted EPS of $5.78, or $5.92 as adjusted

  4. Be Humble About Strategic-Beta Bond ETFs

    Back-tested results may look strong, but there are reasons to be skeptical about this new breed of fixed-income ETFs, says Morningstar's Phillip Yoo.

  5. The Beat Goes on for Foreign-Stock Funds

    Prevailing trends continued across the board in the third quarter.

  6. Third Quarter in U.S. Stock Funds: Steady as She Goes

    It was a relatively calm quarter for domestic-stock funds.

  7. Best- and worst-performing fixed-income funds

    See rankings of funds by returns in categories from core bond to high yield and multisector income.

  8. Mind the Gap, Global Edition

    Investor returns show the costs of bad timing around the world.

  9. Bond Funds Hold Their Own in the First Quarter

    Despite a Fed rate hike, most fixed-income funds have posted gains so far this year. 


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