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  1. Your Move, Bogleheads : Advisor Finds DFA’s Returns Trump Vanguard’s

    Advisor Jeff Troutner of Equius Partners says a broader look at the numbers is less favorable to Vanguard than unsuspecting advisors might think—but Vanguard answers back to AdvisorOne.

  2. What Are You Putting in Your IRA?

    Morningstar readers share how they're focusing on income producers in their retirement accounts while others address what they're doing with cash in a fully valued market.

  3. The IRA Type That No One Really Needs

    For high-income investors, a backdoor Roth IRA or taxable account will trump investing in a Traditional IRA.

  4. A Moderate Tax-Efficient Portfolio for Retirees

    This portfolio balances capital preservation with growth potential.

  5. Ferri: 3-Fund Portfolio the Simplest Way to Best Return

    U.S.-stock, foreign-stock, and bond index funds can constitute a core portfolio with the flexibility to expand into other asset classes if desired, says author and advisor Rick Ferri.

  6. Will Your Income Needs Trend Down as You Age?

    The data may say yes, but there are some important considerations to bear in mind.

  7. Should You Count Social Security as a Bond?

    The right answer depends a lot on the retiree's risk capacity as well as risk preferences.

  8. The Error-Proof Portfolio: 5 Tips for a Busy Rebalancing Season

    With equity allocations drifting higher, here's some practical advice for restoring balance.

  9. Ferri: Why Passive Portfolios Are Better Than Active

    Research by author Rick Ferri took the active-passive debate beyond individual investments and found passive-oriented portfolios will likely outperform active portfolios across time spans, number of holdings, and asset types.

  10. Bogle's Expectations for Stocks and Bonds

    The Vanguard founder says investors may face lower-than-normal real returns on stocks and should hold bonds for ballast and not return.

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