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Asset Bloat

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  1. What's the Right Size for Your Fund?

    What fund managers signal about capacity for a strategy.

  2. What the Data Say About American Funds and Asset Bloat

    Which funds in the family show signs of strain due to assets.

  3. Performance Fees: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

    The current approach to levying fees is outmoded and in need of change.

  4. Performance Fees: A Small Step in the Right Direction

    The benefits (and limitations) of paying funds based on their performances.

  5. Like a Hedge Fund, But Without Hedge-Fund Fees

    For more than two decades, Gold-rated FPA Crescent's eclectic, contrarian style delivers equitylike returns with less risk than the stock market.

  6. For Active Funds, Winter Is Coming

    Over the next decade, $1 trillion could leave actively managed funds, a lethal amount for hundreds of firms.

  7. Today’s Fund Industry, in 1 Chart

    Why the winners will keep winning.

  8. What to Expect From an Actively Managed Fund

    Look for good fundamentals, not hot streaks.

  9. 25 Funds Investors Are Buying

    Investors are keeping the faith in actively managed bond funds but using index products almost everywhere else.

  10. Mutual Funds: When Is It Time to Sell?

    Some readers employ performance-based rules, while others focus on fund and portfolio fundamentals.


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