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  1. Vanguard outsources some 403 (b ) record keeping to Newport Group

    The firm touts added benefits of the arrangement, but some smaller-balance account holders will wind up paying more.

  2. Fiduciary Focus: Fleecing 403 (b ) Plan Participants (Part 5)

    We've gone over how to create a suitable 403 ( b ) plan. Here's how to help school officials to put it into place.

  3. Fiduciary Focus: Fleecing 403 (b ) Plan Participants (Part 7)

    A recap of crucial points from our 403 ( b ) series.

  4. Duke, Johns Hopkins, UPenn and Vanderbilt latest schools under fire for excessive 403 (b ) fees

    Attorneys, ever present in the 401(k) market, are beginning to target university 403 ( b ) plans. These lawsuits follow close on the heels of ones against MIT, NYU and Yale.

  5. A Way Around Costly 403 (b ) Plans

    In so-called 'open vendor' states, high-cost 403 ( b ) plans may be side-stepped by turning to 457( b )s, explains plan-participant advocate Steve Schullo.

  6. Connecticut governor signs bill to improve 403 (b ) plan fee transparency

    Some believe the Connecticut law could be a springboard to reform among other states.

  7. Use of multiple record keepers could hurt defendants in 403 (b ) lawsuits

    In a potential indication of how judges will rule in the other university lawsuits, Emory and Duke will have to defend allegations that using multiple record keepers breaches their fiduciary duty.

  8. In K-12 403 (b ) plans, employees and their unions can be their own worst enemy

    Distrust between school districts and unions, as well as potential financial incentives, factor into lack of reform.

  9. Fiduciary Focus: Fleecing 403 (b ) Plan Participants (Part 8)

    How to avoid becoming an ostrich and getting bamboozled.

  10. Fiduciary Focus: Fleecing 403 (b ) Plan Participants

    It's hard to justify putting school teachers in a tax shelter within a tax shelter.


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