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  1. The way fund companies make money can be out of step with fund shareholders

    The way fund companies make money can be out of step with fund shareholders

  2. Pimco: Bill Gross warned he'd lose $200M bonus for quitting

    Firm responds in suit saying CEO and counsel warned co-founder

  3. Bill Gross to central bankers: Get GDP growth humming by 2017 or else

    Markets will `go south' without progress, bond manager says

  4. Pimco may face lengthy fight in Bill Gross lawsuit after stormy exit

    Pacific Investment Management Co. may not win a quick end to Bill Gross's lawsuit claiming he's owed hundreds of millions of dollars after allegedly being forced out of the firm he co-founded 45 years ago.

  5. Bill Gross's investors yank $74 million from Janus fund in November

    Investors resumed redemptions from Bill Gross's Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund, taking out about $74 million in November.

  6. Bill Gross says investors should protect investments, not search for higher returns

    Bill Gross at Janus says that when central bankers stop printing money, investors will be left holding an empty bag.

  7. Bill Gross asks Yellen, central bankers: 'How's it workin' for ya?'

    Fund manager says central bankers are 'increasingly addled' as their low and negative-interest rate policies fail to produce sustainable growth.

  8. Bill Gross suing Pimco for 'hundreds of millions' over his ouster

    The legendary bond manager claims he was wrongfully pushed out by a “cabal” of Pimco execs seeking a bigger slice of the bonus pool. (More: Bill Gross speaks out on Pimco exit, vows to defeat his rivals )

  9. Bill Gross on co-founding Pimco: 'I just wanted to run money and be famous'

    At Pimco, Bill Gross built a reputation as the world's best bond trader. Now, at Janus Capital, he's managing a much smaller fund — all while being measured against his younger self.

  10. Bill Gross recommended shorting China stocks but didn't pull the trigger

    Bill Gross , who recommended shorting the Chinese stock market last month before it plunged, didn't actually do the trade. Instead he wagered against both the S&P 500 emerging market currencies.

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