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  1. Corporate Profits Are Peaking

    Profits as a percentage of GDP are hitting all-time highs but will begin to decline as tax headwinds intensify, interest rates head higher, and capital expenditures are required.

  2. Johnson: Slow-and-Steady Economy Continues in 2015

    Recent data looks a little soft, but a better housing market should buoy up the weaker areas of the economy and make for a steady, staid 2015, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson .

  3. TIPS: Love Them or Leave Them?

    Even if TIPS aren't cheap, those looking to build a long-term bulwark against inflation should consider the asset class.

  4. Plenty of Support for Stronger Dollar

    Trade data, low rates abroad, and diverging growth patterns support a stronger dollar, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson .

  5. The Ultimate Stock-Pickers’ Top 10 Dividend Stocks

    These top managers continue to focus on higher-quality dividend-paying stocks in a market that has become more volatile of late.

  6. What a Rate Hike Here Could Mean for Foreign Bonds

    We delve into how foreign-bond funds performed in previous rising-rate environments and find some surprising results.

  7. Aging Population Will Put the Brakes on Spending

    Rapid expansion of the more frugal 65-and-over population will be a headwind on consumer spending and economic growth.

  8. Leading the Charge in the Credit Card Comeback

    Undervalued Capital One benefits from improving U.S. consumer and overall economy.

  9. Keep a Clear Head About Higher Interest Rates

    The Fed's eventual rate hike may dislocate markets in the short term, but higher rates are necessary to bring us back to normal, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson .

  10. Johnson: Labor Shortage Coming

    Demographic trends could lead to a shortage of workers in the coming years, potentially boosting the wages of some skilled positions but hurting corporate earnings, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson .

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