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Dr. Eric W. Jacobson, M.D.

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  1. Portfolio Duration Doesn't Tell the Whole Story

    Investors looking to gauge a fund's interest-rate sensitivity need to look past duration. 

  2. More Confidence in This Silver-Rated Bond Fund

    There's reason for continued optimism as Harbor Bond Fund's subadvisor PIMCO settles into a new era.

  3. Bond Fund Duration May Overstate Rate Sensitivity

    Over the last year, we found that bond funds were less sensitive to rates than their reported durations would suggest.

  4. The Real Stock Market Villain

    Corporate executives who huckster their stocks rather than run their businesses are a bigger concern than high-frequency trading.

  5. Will Rising Bond Yields Sink High-Dividend Stocks?

    Is the conventional wisdom wise?

  6. FPA New Income: A Safe-Haven From Bond-Market Sell-Offs

    Safety and stability are the hallmarks of this Bronze-rated fund.

  7. A Moderate Mutual Fund Portfolio in 3 Buckets

    We update the performance--and make one small adjustment--to our middle-of-the-road portfolio.

  8. 25 Funds Investors Are Buying

    Investors are keeping the faith in actively managed bond funds but using index products almost everywhere else.

  9. A Conservative 3-Bucket ETF Portfolio for Retirees

    We revisit and make a modification to our portfolio for those with shorter time horizons.


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