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  1. Fixed-Income: The Achilles Heel of Indexing

    Passive managers on the insulation of fixed-income from the index investing sea change.

  2. One Very Big Strike Against Active Management

    And two smaller positives, which need to be made larger yet for active management to regain its popularity.

  3. 3 Factors Driving ETF Capital Gains Tax Bills

    The strengthening dollar in 2016 means that currency hedging is once again the tax villain for ETF investors. 

  4. No Signs of Complacency at Vanguard

    Nor has it sold its soul to reach the top.

  5. Meeting of the Minds

    Two of the mutual fund world’s biggest thinkers square off on factor investing.

  6. Learning to Stand Still

    Your clients’ success depends on it.

  7. Arnott and Asness: Can You Time Strategic Beta?

    Rob Arnott and Cliff Asness agree on many fronts, but they have different views on how carefully you should consider valuation when deciding to invest in a factor strategy. 

  8. Can Anything Stop Vanguard?

    Short of an unlikely breach of investor trust, Morningstar’s Ben Johnson thinks the fund giant will continue its momentum.

  9. Keep Your Focus on Fees

    Our semi-annual Active/Passive barometer shows that expenses are one of the only reliable predictors of success, writes Morningstar’s Ben Johnson .

  10. The Whole Market for Free?

    A race to lower expense ratios on broad-market ETFs, along with other factors, has pushed the estimated holding costs of many funds to nearly zero, writes Morningstar's Ben Johnson


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