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  1. Why Is the Success Rate of Strategic Beta Falling?

    Given the active bent of strategic beta ETFs, Morningstar's Ben Johnson says it is unsurprising that some are having trouble keeping up with more vanilla benchmarks.

  2. Can You Replicate a Strategic Beta ETF at a Lower Cost?

    Alex Bryan compares strategic beta funds against cap-weighted funds to see if the strategies are really so unique.

  3. One Very Big Strike Against Active Management

    And two smaller positives, which need to be made larger yet for active management to regain its popularity.

  4. Fixed-Income: The Achilles Heel of Indexing

    Passive managers on the insulation of fixed-income from the index investing sea change.

  5. Have U.S Stocks Become Too Expensive?

    Addressing the question from a global perspective.

  6. Sustainably Minded Indexers Get More Choices

    Recent trends show that passive sustainable funds are growing significantly faster than active ones.


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