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  1. Hedge Your Currency Risk When Investing Abroad

    WisdomTree's director of research, Jeremy Schwartz, says investors should hedge out at least part of their foreign currency risk.

  2. This Fund Finds Yield Without Loading Up on Risky Stocks

    This fund manages to target high-yielding stocks while maintaining broad diversification.

  3. WisdomTree Working to Balance Its Growth

    A closer look at one of the fastest-growing ETF providers.

  4. This International Growth Fund Screens for Quality and Hedges Currency Risk

    WisdomTree International Hedged Quality Dividend Growth emphasizes high-quality companies.

  5. Not All Dividend ETFs Are Created Equal

    It's important to look beyond these funds' label and understand what is in the tin.

  6. Contrarian Rebalancing Gives This Earnings-Focused ETF an Edge

    WisdomTree MidCap Earnings' rebalancing approach should keep its valuation in check.

  7. WisdomTree Launches Managed Futures ETF

    The new actively managed ETF targets positive returns in rising and falling markets.

  8. A Unique Approach to Target Dividend-Paying Stocks

    This fund’s weighting approach skews it toward the larger and more profitable dividend-payers.

  9. The Fundamentals of Fundamental Indexing

    Should investors consider fundamentally weighted strategies?

  10. Get Diversified Exposure to Europe at a Bargain Price

    Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF is one of the cheapest and best-diversified funds in the category, but performance has been middling.


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