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Vanguard Interm-Term Investment-Grade

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  1. The January Sell-Off and Your Mutual Funds

    A look at which funds took it on the chin and which remained unscathed.

  2. A Tax-Friendly Short-Term Portfolio

    Here's a way to pick up a bit of yield in your portfolio while keeping a lid on volatility and taxes.

  3. Do Municipal Bonds Have a Place in My Portfolio?

    Consider the tax implications before adding a muni investment to your portfolio.

  4. Is It Time to Peel Back on Bonds?

    Some Morningstar.com readers are rethinking their fixed-income exposure, while others are sticking with their plans.

  5. The Error-Proof Portfolio: For Taxable Accounts, the Math Still Adds Up for Munis

    The bond sell-off appears to have created opportunities for tax-free income, but selectivity counts.

  6. Don't Get Burned by Your Bonds

    If you've determined your portfolio needs more bonds now, here are some thoughtful ways to structure your allocation to the hot asset class.

  7. Longleaf Partners International Loses a Veteran Manager

    Plus, Vanguard's new bond index funds and ETFs and Morgan Stanley reopens a star manager's funds after he leaves.

  8. An Aggressive Model Portfolio for Pre-Retirees

    See what we recommend for those with a higher risk capacity.

  9. Using ETFs to Mimic Mutual Fund Managers' Ideas

    How to use ETFs to implement fund managers' current ideas at lower costs.

  10. Should You Let Vanguard Handle Your Income Needs?

    Vanguard's managed payout funds are useful, but they do have limitations.


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