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Vanguard Interm-Term Bond Index

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  1. What Are You Putting in Your IRA?

    Morningstar readers share how they're focusing on income producers in their retirement accounts while others address what they're doing with cash in a fully valued market.

  2. Nontraditional Bond Funds: Are They?

    Not so much, it appears.

  3. Nontraditional Bond Funds: Are They?

    Not so much, it appears.

  4. The Ultimate Cheapskate's Index Portfolio

    For investors looking to build a portfolio based on rock-bottom fees, here's a list of funds and ETFs that can serve as building blocks.

  5. Using ETFs to Mimic Mutual Fund Managers' Ideas

    How to use ETFs to implement fund managers' current ideas at lower costs.

  6. The Curious Case of Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond Index

    Why did this bond index fund recently shoot up to the top of the charts?

  7. Why Did My Bond Fund Lag When Treasuries Rallied?

    The answers have both short- and long-term implications.

  8. Reading the Evidence on Indexing

    In some situations, passive investing strategies should not be an automatic choice, even for advocates of indexing, says Morningstar's John Rekenthaler.

  9. Longleaf International Cuts Fees, Quits Hedging

    Plus, Fidelity boosts target-date funds' overseas, TIPS, and commodity exposure, and more.

  10. Bond Squad: Keep Expectations Reasonable for 2006

    This year may be a year to prize bonds for their stability.


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