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Vanguard High-Yield Corporate

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  1. A High-Yield Fund With a Conservative Bent

    With its seasoned management team, relatively cautious approach, and rock-bottom expenses, Vanguard High-Yield Corporate will offer a smoother ride than many of its peers.

  2. What to Do With a Tax Refund

    Invest, splurge, help the kids? Morningstar.com readers share their plans for their windfalls.

  3. Is It Time to Peel Back on Bonds?

    Some Morningstar.com readers are rethinking their fixed-income exposure, while others are sticking with their plans.

  4. Seasoned Professional Seeks Guidance on Pre-Retirement Portfolio

    In case a layoff 'comes of of nowhere,' we prep a portfolio for liquidity and long-term growth.

  5. Finding High Yield With Less Risk

    These high-yield bond funds weathered 2008 reasonably well and are still going strong.

  6. The High-Yield Dilemma

    Is the extra income still worth it?

  7. Third Avenue Ups Its Distress Game

    Upromise, Nevada drop Vanguard, hire State Street.

  8. Don't Reach for Yesterday's Yields

    Put investments' payouts in the proper context.

  9. Rising Global Interest Rates Create Headwinds

    Plus bond diversification, annuities, and IRA deductibility.

  10. Are Active or Index Products Best for Bonds?

    Many Morningstar.com respondents are banking on active management to deliver the goods in the years ahead.

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